Courier Service

Know the Difference

Expedited Delivery Service

This shipping method is direct delivery. We schedule no other stops along the way. We strive for less than one hour deliveries from time of pick up.

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Scheduled Delivery Service

You notify us within 24 hours. We will pick up and deliver by your deadline.

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Tampa Downtown

Routine Courier Service

We contract with you for month-to-month service or year-to-year fee at discounted rates.

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Special Needs Delivery | Personal Service

Do you need assistance with common errands. We can provide special needs services to help make your day easier.

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Welcome to OnPoint Courier Service!

Top Rated for Hillsborough County.

Small Business Certified | DM Certified.

With over 20 years of logistics experience, we believe in Customer Service, Express Delivery, and meet your expectation.

What Services We Provide?

All Day | Half Day | Direct

Request These Deliveries for a: 5 PM Delivery

Scheduled | Routine Delivery | Routine Pick-Up.

This service refers to any regularly scheduled delivery to the post office, your dry cleaners, your mail delivery, your RX pick-up, your grocery pick-up, etc. You decide the times, dates and locations on a regular, scheduled basis, or as needed basis. Call Now

We are dedicated to the Community.

See our memberships: Brandon Chamber of Commerce | Riverview Chamber of Commerce |

Call for pick-up.

We are waiting to service you: 813-597-7579

Meet Our Team

Our team is specialty trained for delivery professionalism. Our goals are to service you with a courteous and speedy pick-up and delivery. You will experience a uniformed driver which follows a professional delivery protocol.

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Personal Service

Our services add value to your life. We want you to feel relax and assured your delivery is worry free.

For a limited time. Get 10% off your service.

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Registrations Include:

Hillsborough County | City of Tampa Small Business

Certified & DM Certified

Brandon Chamber of Commerce

Riverview Chamber of Commerce

Sun City Chamber of Commerce .

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  • Over 20 years of Logistics Experience.
  • We accept all major credit cards.
  • Receive an accurate quote for service.

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